Corporate Philosophy

DCM Group corporate philosophy evolves around 3 pillars

1) Business Integrity & Ethics

2) Global Quality Standards
3) Continuous Improvement and Value additions
DCM has set bench marks in business integrity and come to top the list of 'Honored Business Houses' in India, which is acknowledged not only by its customers and suppliers but also by its competitors. The group is determined to maintain highest standard of corporate ethics which have been maintained, preserved and nurtured throughout the last over 100 years yielding immense benefits. DCM has always striven for world-class quality. Our 100% cotton carded and combed yarns are exported across the globe in premium segments.
DCM Textiles has firm commitment to the philosophy of continuous improvement. The company led the industry by getting ISO 9001 certification for yarn operations in textiles in the year 1995. The company has also embarked on the process of TQM and successfully implemented  a few quality initiatives which have given rich dividends in terms of improvement in quality and cost reduction.